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8; Ampyx Power B.V.

Ampyx Power: Airborne Wind Energy competitive with fossil fuels

Ampyx Power develops the PowerPlane, a straightforward machine to harvest the stronger winds at 500m altitude with a tethered aircraft.

Propelled by the wind like a kite, the aircraft unwinds a cable from a ground based winch at high tension. The resulting rotation of the winch drives a generator that produces electrical energy. When there is no more cable on the drum, the aircraft flies back towards the winch. This results in low tension in the cable, such that it can be retracted with a fraction of the energy produced in the first phase.

Due to stronger and more consistent winds at higher altitudes the PowerPlane realises much higher capacity factors compared to conventional wind turbines. Since the PowerPlane has no tower, it has lower installation & foundation cost, especially offshore. The PowerPlane requires 20% of the materials of a wind turbine, reducing the CAPEX significantly.

Combined with lower environmental impact and low development cost, the PowerPlane will revolutionize the wind industry.