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13-14-15; Ampyx Power B.V.

Energy for the future

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Globally the demand for energy increases. Ampyx Power has the ambition to expand the sustainable energy mix with scalable airborne wind energy innovation. We develop Airborne Wind Energy systems that convert wind at higher altitudes into electricity; a cost effective technology using an abundant natural resource. Our AWE system consists of a tethered aircraft that converts wind into electricity. The autonomous aircraft is tethered to a generator on the ground. It moves in a regular figure-8 pattern at an altitude of max 450m. When the aircraft moves, it pulls the tether which drives the generator. Once the tether is reeled out to a predefined tether length, the aircraft automatically descends towards the ground causing the tether to reel in. Then it ascends and repeats the process.

After three generations of prototypes we have started the production of our fully functional prototype AP3. A scaled up version, our 2 MW commercial system, will be available from 2020.

Advantages of the system vs conventional wind energy technology

- Less material

- Low visual and noise impact, and minimal environmental impact

- Minimal onsite construction

- Efficient: we operate at high altitude where wind is stronger and more consistent

Our team

Our team is a vibrant and international group of 50 experts working in the Netherlands and Australia. Together, we have all the skills in-house to successfully market our technology.